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Allergy symptoms

Klachten bij allergie

Allergy symptoms come in all shapes and sizes. Symptoms can be differentiated in various ways. One way of looking at allergy symptoms is to differentiate into types of allergy, for example an inhalation allergy, food allergy or contact allergy. Another way of looking at allergy symptoms is differentiation in relation to time, for example early phase and late phase symptoms or acute and chronic symptoms.

Sometimes the choice is made to differentiate in allergic diseases. Does your child suffer from eczema, allergic rhinitis and/or asthma for example? Another option is to look at the severity of the symptoms. Maybe the symptoms are mild and don’t affect your child very much. But on the other hand symptoms can be very severe even life-threatening.

We made the choice on this website to differentiate into organs in which allergy symptoms can present themselves. Also the influence of allergy symptoms in relation to consciousness is described. You can read more information about all this on the following pages:Klachten bij allergie

On these pages we will describe the most common symptoms that may result from an allergic reaction.