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Allergen avoidance

Klachten voorkomen

Allergen avoidance is an essential step in managing allergies. This is, in some cases, easier said than done. Identifying the allergen causing symptoms is a vital part of treating allergic diseases. Once the causes are correctly identified, practical advice on avoiding or minimizing your child’s exposure to allergens should help. Successful avoidance of allergens is highly dependent on the type of allergen and the places your child comes in contact with the particular allergens.

Sometimes allergen avoidance is the only possible treatment, for example in case of a contact allergy or food allergy. In the case of an allergy to tree pollen and/or grass pollen but also an allergy to house dust mites it is almost not feasible to avoid the particular allergens.

Allergen-avoidance can have an enormous impact on your household. It can cost a lot of time, effort and also money. Should you move out the cat or not? How do you get rid of moist in your home? An expert, such as a pulmonary nurse, can help you determine which allergen avoidance steps will have the most effect in your situation.

For specific tips to avoid allergens in different types of allergies, please visit the following pages and read the information listed beneath the heading “Tips if allergic to. .. ‘:Tips