If your child has a food allergy, he/she will be referred to the dietitian if necessary. We work closely with the practice of Dr. Berber Vlieg-Boerstra. She has a private practice located the Pediatric Allergy Centre Amsterdam, outpatient clinic woman-child VUmc location Louwesweg.

A sufficient nutrient advice (diet) for your child is based on medical information such as data from blood tests, skin tests, provocation examination, medical diagnosis, used medication, and so on.

Additionally, the dietitian carries out his/her own examination based on an extensive interview about your child’s nutrition. This is also called the dietary history. In this interview the following questions will be asked:

  • What is the most prominent symptom?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What kind of nutrients do you suspect to be the problem?
  • How did the food allergy develop itself over time?
  • What allergenic products are already introduced in the nutrition, such as egg and peanut?
  • What symptoms does your child have during a diet?
  • What specific suspicions are there based on the examinations?

Furthermore, the nutrition pattern is analyzed extensively. Is the diet sufficient? Does the diet contain enough nutrients for growth and daily functioning? Is there enough variation in products eaten? Is the diet adequately adapted to the age of your child? Does the diet still contain suspected allergens or other triggers?

Subsequently a dietary advice is given, which means:

  • Suspected nutrients will be left out of the diet, such as milk or eggs
  • A sufficient diet is composed

Often a part of the problem is also caused by a wrongly composed nutritional pattern. Furthermore, a sufficient nutrition is important for an optimal condition of your child. To accomplish this, you usually will receive a daily menu for your child. Sometimes a step-by-step plan is drawn up to gradually extend the nutrition.

All this will be reported to the attending physician. After a period of following a diet often one or more food challenge tests are performed in order to determine whether there is food sensitivity. Depending on the outcome of the food challenge test the diet will be adapted. In order to draw up a sufficient diet, you and your child will consult the dietitian several times.