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Practical information


This website provides you with lots of information regarding allergy and allergic diseases. In addition to information on allergy itself we also collected a lot of information about our Pediatric Allergy Centre, such as information on our commitment to excellent patient care within our multidisciplinary team, our objectives, our research, medical education and training of health care professionals.

The section about allergy provides you with information about different types of allergy. In addition, you will find information on symptoms in relation to allergy or symptoms which may indicate an allergy and last but not least information on cross-reactivity, a common phenomenon in allergy.

The Pediatric Allergy Centre Amsterdam is built on three pillars, patient care, education and research, this is also extensively described on this website.

On the following pages we collected useful information for you to find your way around within our Pediatric Allergy Centre Amsterdam, within the rules and regulations regarding compensation of medical costs and more practical information: