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Prepare your visit

Eerste ziekenhuisbezoek
The Pediatric Allergy Centre Amsterdam is part of the Outpatient clinic woman-child VUmc location Louwesweg and the Department of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine and Allergy of Emma Children’s Hospital (EKZ) which is part of the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam. Our Centre offers diagnostic and therapeutic expertise and support in the field of allergic conditions to patients up to 18 years old.

Going to the hospital can make your child anxious or scared. It is therefore important to prepare your child for his/her visit to the hospital. By asking how your child feels about the hospital visit, you will see whether your child finds it exciting, scary or even frightening. You can then discuss with your son/daughter how you can make it less exciting.

Information in relation to age

For young children a simple explanation is usually sufficient. You can tell briefly why you are going to the hospital, what the doctor is going to do and what your child can expect to see in the hospital. Older children have often created an idea in their head about the hospital visit, but is this realistic?Voorbereiden van een ziekenhuisbezoek By talking to your child about this and ask him/her questions, you will gain insight if the idea your child created is realistic. Is this not the case, then you can help your child to adjust this unrealistic idea.

Give your child the opportunity to ask questions. Also, ask your child if he/she has any questions for the doctor. Questions you cannot answer or questions your child would like to ask the doctor, you can write down so that they won’t be forgotten.

The consultation with the attending physician

Not only you child may be overwhelmed, this might also go for you as a parent/guardian. We’ve listed some tips for you that can help you to prepare the consultation in the hospital.

  • Make sure that you are calm, this will have a positive effect on your child
  • Bring the medication your child is taking to the consultation
  • Bring the growth booklet of your child to the consultation
  • Write down specifics and details regarding your child such as symptoms and things that you don’t want to forget to discuss and take it to the consultation
  • Write down the questions you want to ask and take the note with you to the consultationSchrijven
  • Write down the questions your son/daughter has and take the note with you to the consultation
  • You can write down information and/or answers during the consultation. You will probably get a lot of information and by writing it down you can read back your notes afterwards
  • Check if you understood the information correctly, for example by summarizing the answer and/or information
  • Please specify during the consultation which information is (still) not entirely clear to you and/or your child. The physician checks whether your child understands everything, but please ask once again if you have the idea that it is still not entirely clear to your child
  • Two people pick up more information than one, perhaps a second adult can accompany you and your child to the consultation
  • Ask for written information such as a patient booklet
  • Ask who you can turn to if questions come up after the consultation